DJ Zirk

There are a lot of fans of Memphis music that know DJ Zirk and there are a lot of people who don't. The truth is here! DJ Zirk is a pioneer of Memphis music. Many may remember him from the song "Lock Em In Da Trunk" but there is a lot more to know. He is the heart & soul of Memphis underground music. DJ Zirk is a ground-breaker who broke Memphis underground music to the radio. He was the first artist to be banned from all radio stations in Memphis. He changed the format of what you hear on the radio today. DJ Zirk produced a great deal of Memphis legends and helped make songs into classics. Some of these classics include "Lyrics of a Pimp" by 8Ball & MJG, which he co-produced and also provided cuts on the album as well. He also co-produced and DJ'ed on "I'm Da Gangsta" by Gangsta Pat, the first Memphis rapper to land a major record deal. Other productions from Zirk include Radical T "Gangsta Dreamz & 2 Rappin Young Brothers", Ska-Face Al Kapone's "Lyrical Drive By" and Skinny Pimp & 211's first underground tape. DJ Zirk also served as the main inspiration for much of Three 6 Mafia's music.

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