M.C. Mack

It’s that Memphis sound that gets the people moving. Crunk. Buck. Pimping. These three words accurately describe the music that M.C. Mack is known for. It is his street anthems and distinctive voice woven with kicks, snares, high hats and deep bass lines. As a part of the original Three Six Mafia group, M.C. Mack has produced many bangers and continues to do so.

His love for music stemmed from listening to hip hop legends such as Run DMC, NWA, Geto Boys, KRS-1, Public Enemy, MC Twist, Run C, Too Short and 2 Live Crew. What drew him to becoming an artist was the love for it and the art of it. In 6th grade, he made his first track using a pen, pad and Rx8 Yamaha Drum Machine.

Being able to express his self with pen and paper and being able to produce tracks freed him and encouraged him to give rap a shot. Rocking the talent shows at Raleigh Egypt and family reunions increased his following. To this day, his official fan page on Facebook is operated by his adoring fans that are die hard M.C. Mack fans.

Over the years, M.C. Mack has been affiliated with some of the best in Memphis rap. As a member of the Hypnotize Camp Posse (H.C.P), spearheaded by DJ Paul and Juicy J, he has played a major role in establishing the down south crunk music genre. During the early 90's, Mack has blazed the city of Memphis with underground classics like, "Go 2 Church Hoe" to "She's Goin’ (pt.1)". In recent years, "Pure Ana" Volumes 1 through 4 are full of street anthems that keeps his fans hungry for more. The "Mack Attack" is on! He has partnered with the Scan Man and Project Pat to form KamiKaze Inc. The most recent project released is "For Life Da Undaboss" Volume 5. Be on the watch for his upcoming project. Currently, M.C. Mack continues to write and produce music for other artists. His music is based on everyday situations and he has no problem with voicing his opinion. He paints a portrait of the struggle and the pain of a black man making it in America. He can be booked for features and events.

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