Mr. Sche - 1 Life 2 Live

  • Mr. Sche - 1 Life 2 Live

Mr. Sche - 1 Life 2 Live

1 Life 2 Live is in the theme of a movie from start to end. A young man released from prison, on a mission to make some quick money the only way he knows how. He's quickly caught up in the underworld of murder, gangs, love, and running from the police.

Track Listing

1. Visit to Chico’s (Skit)
2. Lets Rob A Bank!
3. Return To Chico’s (Skit)
4. Lets Go To War!
5. Waste Rico (Skit)
6. Lenora’s House (Skit)
7. Goodbye Senorita
8. The Border
9. Contact Pimp (Skit)
10. Strapem Up
11. The Hotel Hideway (Skit)
12. This Is What It Feels Like
13. The Alley (Skit)
14. My Last Stand
15. Final Confrontation (Skit)
16. Momma’s House (Skit)
17. A Heaven For Me

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