Newsense of Psychodrama

  • Newsense of Psychodrama

Newsense of Psychodrama

Track Listing

Side A

1. Newsense (Intro)
2. Da' Mad Rap
3. Psychodrama Rap (feat. Psychodrama)
4. Universal Session
5. No Pity Hotline (Skit)
6. No Punk
7. Ball Y'All
8. County Blues

Side B

9. Street Laws (Skit)
10. What Happened To Law
11. On The Block (feat. Lagic 'El)
12. The Weed Song (Windy City Nights) (feat. Buddha Bless, DaWreck, Lagic 'El)
13. The Ward (Skit)
14. Dramaward (feat. Color One, D-Fly, DaWreck, Hanius, Skoob, Trick Hedruzh, Triple Darkness)
15. Brotha's & Sista's
16. Emergency (Tony Red feat. Newsense)

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