Mr. Sche - Summer Pimpin
$5.99 - $7.99

  • Mr. Sche - Summer Pimpin

Mr. Sche - Summer Pimpin
$5.99 - $7.99

Macks, Players, Hustlers! There is no time limit to the Pimpn,....we just decided to designate a specific kind of Pimpn for the Summa! Drop the top, shine the wip, flip the AC, roll ya cigars and ride out. Shine like the sun and glow like the moon. The game is being sold. Getcha chips ready!

Track Listing

1. Amazing Pimp
2. What A Pimps About
3. Play Me Some Pimpin' (feat. T-Rock)
4. Trappin' & Pimpin' (feat. Taylor Wee)
5. Summa Pimpin' (feat. Hardcore Montana)
6. Born To Mack (feat. T-Rock)
7. O.G. Mack (feat. GetoBoy Bushwick Bill & Hardcore Montana)
8. Make U Feel (feat. Pimpminista & Tom SkeeMask)
9. It's My Turn (feat. Jayden Young & T-Rock)
10. Playaz Up In Memphis (feat. Nasty Nardo)
11. Pimpalicious (feat. Mr. LPD)
12. Celebrate The Pimpin' (feat. Goldie & Mr. LPD)

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