M.A.J. - Recycled Hitz

  • M.A.J. - Recycled Hitz

M.A.J. - Recycled Hitz

2005 release from producer M.A.J. Features remixes of tracks from some notable major artists and some exclusive tracks produced by M.A.J.

Track Listing

1. Intro
2. Breath Remix
3. Go DJ Remix feat. Freestyle from P. Dukes of Country Noize
4. Knuck If U Buck Remix (feat. Trapp, Da Dubb, Infra-Red, Lil Sporty and T-Rock)
5. No Problems Remix (feat. Sonny Swift and J. Gotti)
6. One Monkey Remix (feat. Goodie Mob)
7. Lean Back Remix (feat. T.S. and Lil Sporty of Xplosive)
8. Macking
9. G Unit [Unreleased] (feat. Young Buck, Lloyd Banks and 50 Cent)
10. Commercial
11. Naughty Girl Remix (feat. Beyonce and T-Rock)
12. If I Hit Remix (feat. 112 and T.I.)
13. Drop It Like It's Hot Remix [Unreleased]
14. On the First Night (feat. Lil Sporty)
15. Big Chips Remix (feat. T-Rock & Lil Sporty)
16. Baby Boy Remix
17. Real Big Remix
18. To Da Flo
19. Take Ya Clothes Off (feat. Bone Crusher and Ying Yang Twins)
20. Yall Talking (feat. Xplosive, Infra-Red and T-Rock)

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