Lil Jack - King Kong (Vinyl)

  • Lil Jack - King Kong (Vinyl)

Lil Jack - King Kong (Vinyl)

Ritual Music presents King Kong by Lil Jack. This release is a collection of tracks that never made it on to albums, freestyles and unreleased music. This is the OFFICIAL vinyl pressing of this release, brought to you exclusively by

Track Listing

Side A

1. 28 Bars Challenge
2. Pop These Plastics
3. Burn Baby Burn (feat. R.O.D.)
4. Dissin (feat. Youngn)
5. Bang Your Head (Rap God)
6. Chainsaw (feat. Gangsta Nip, Diezez & Merciles)

Side B

7. Chewed In Da Booth (feat. Youngn)
8. Torn (feat. Crucified)
9. This Ain't Hip Hop Freestyle 2
10. Trippin
11. Skeletons
12. That Chopper
13. Single Shot

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