DJ Zirk - 2 Thick (Vinyl)

  • DJ Zirk - 2 Thick (Vinyl)

DJ Zirk - 2 Thick (Vinyl)

DJ Zirk, a pioneer in the Memphis underground rap scene, has influenced a wide array of artists ranging from Three 6 Mafia to Soulja Boy Tell'em with his gritty production style. 2 Thick is one of his original releases from the early 90's that was only available in cassette format until now. Now on vinyl, 2 Thick is a must have for any fan of Memphis underground rap. Official release from DJ Zirk.

Track Listing

Side A

1. N Da Trunk Intro
2. Lock'em N Da Trunk
3. 2 Thick
4. Dedication

Side B

5. Shoot'em Up
6. Ana 4 Ya Hoez
7. Skit
8. Azzout

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